About Our Fund and Team

About Our Fund

Verte OZ Fund is an early stage venture capital opportunity fund, founded by entrepreneurs to invest in entrepreneurs.  We focus on high-growth, disruptive businesses with innovative products and services that have a proven business model in sectors where we believe the upside is enormous.

Additionally, as operators, we understand the challenges of building a business, and we work with our companies to add value by applying our insight from three decades of first-hand execution and investment experience along with a deep and wide network of relationships

About Our Team

We believe that we bring more than capital to each investment. This includes insight from our over 4 and half decades of first hand execution and investment experience along with a deep and wide network of relationships. Our thesis, which is supported by our experience in both prior funds, is that entrepreneurs favor other entrepreneurs as investors. Our team has a proven track record of successful exits, generating above average returns to our investors, and experience in portfolio fund management with assets in excess of $1.5 Trillion.

About Our Investments

We look for businesses with innovative products and services in large markets that address significant customer needs. We like disruptive business models that eliminate intermediaries and shorten value chains. We favor rapidly growing markets, businesses that utilize existing infrastructure, excess capacity and, whenever possible, create recurring revenue streams. We prefer businesses that leverage a technology advantage and create a natural barrier to entry. We encourage a disciplined commitment to milestones and we appreciate capital efficient companies.

More About the Fund

We believe that the entrepreneur is more important than the idea. We look for innovative thinkers who we believe can drive creative solutions. Our objective is to identify and invest in talented and motivated individuals with a track record of accomplishment and tremendous dedication to their business and vision. We believe that one of our key competencies is identifying these rare qualities.

More About the Fund Managers

We see a tremendous number of opportunities. Most of our deal flow is organic, arising from our network of entrepreneurs, LP’s and co-investors. Unlike later stage VC and Private Equity, most early stage deals fly below the radar.  Access generally comes from relationships we have established over the last 45+ years.