Verte Opportunity Fund

A Business Development Fund Impacting Opportunity Zones

Economic Impact

We strive to promote positive, sustainable, and measurable economic impact in OZs and communities nationwide.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

At Verte OZ, we look to encourage and grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Through our investments and Fund strategy, we aim to provide attractive returns for our investors.

Now Accepting New Investors

Verte OZ is a Qualified Opportunity Fund uniquely designed to appeal to a broad array of investors including those with realized capital gains, self-directed IRAs, and taxable assets. Furthermore, our Fund is structured to accommodate investors who may be looking for earlier terms, mandated and targeted investment strategy, and community-specific investments.

For more information, simply fill out the short form below and a dedicated account specialist will get in touch with you regarding investing options and eligibility.

A Business Development Opportunity Zone Fund

We focus on high-growth, innovative investment opportunities impacting Opportunity Zones.

Community Engagement

At Verte OZ, we believe strongly in establishing and utilizing local partnerships in our search for high-growth, impactful Opportunity Zone businesses. To do so, we rely heavily on resources such as State and Municipal Economic Development Offices, Incubators and Universities, Philanthropic Foundations, and OZ leaders to provide us invaluable access to local businesses, investors, and grassroots community engagement.

Contact us today if you — or someone you know — has insight about the specific needs of an Opportunity Zone community.

Early Stage Capital

At Verte OZ, we value the strength of an idea and understand the work it takes to bring that idea to fruition. With years of experience founding, managing, and working for start-ups, we know how challenging this time can be.

Growth Stage Capital

We invest growth capital in extraordinary companies and entrepreneurs that can change the world. We help companies take ideas from niche to mass and capitalize on multi-billion dollar market opportunities.

Business Focused

We look for companies that are revolutionizing large, traditional industries with innovative new products and services. Many existing industries are on the brink of disruptive change, driven by new technological possibilities and consumer psychographic trends. We aim to transform significant markets by leveraging technology and new approaches and in the process create massive value in our companies.

Experienced Managers

Great companies are built by diverse teams that are supported and empowered to be maximally creative. Verte OZ provides the right amount of financial capital and a heaping quantity of human capital to help bring a business vision to life.

Diversified Investments

Verte Opportunity Fund is unique in that it acts more like a diversified traditional portfolio fund. Ultimately our portfolio will consist of a large number of companies, of which span the nation and are industry agnostic. With multiple companies in our portfolio, we aim to de-risk investment and create a safer return strategy for our investors.

Exit Strategy

Exit strategies are often overlooked with early stage start-ups. We specifically plan investments around the ability to exit early. We work with the founders to plan for and develop today’s process around a concentrated strategy to exit. Our portfolio will consist of companies with varying expected exits.


Current Investments


Years of Experience


Venture Capital Fund

27% annualized return in 1st Fund, Verte Capital

$11 Million

Verte Opportunity Fund