How We Invest

Executive Summary

Verte Opportunity Fund is an affiliate of Verte Capital, LLC and works in association with Pi Analytics, LLC. The Fund’s stakeholders, however, are private investors interested in financial returns on investments made in Opportunity Zone businesses.

Verte OZ invests with intent to promote development and commercialization of paradigm-shifting seed and early stage companies within federally designated Opportunity Zones.

Furthermore, Verte OZ’s Fund strategy is built around leveraging local grassroots resources to establish investment opportunities that will directly and positively impact communities, disrupt and improve the industry, and provide attractive returns.

Verte OZ views itself as a “management development company” rather than a traditional “Venture Fund” since its focus emphasizes rigorous and effective management in the exploitation of seed and early stage opportunities. Moreover, Verte OZ is defined by the community impact, job creation, and economic impact in which it supports, promotes, and enables.

Investment Thesis

Verte Opportunity Fund is looking for seeds that grow into trees and forests.

What We Look for in Each Company:

✓ Addressable Market Growth

✓ Apt to Dominate Market

✓ Distribution/Exit Strategy

✓ Capability to Execute

✓ Trustworthy Management

✓ Measurable Economic Impact on Local Community

How Each Company Fits in Our Portfolio:

✓ High Financial Returns

✓ Diversification of Risk Across Portfolio

✓ Complements our Ecosystem of Companies

✓ Predictable Portfolio Cash Flows

✓ Tax Efficiency

✓ Impact, in the Zone and Elsewhere

Start-up Capital

With years of experience founding, managing, and working for start-ups, we know how challenging this time can be.

We’re here to help by bringing more than capital.

In detail…

At Verte, we look to support and invest in early-stage, start-up companies founded by passionate entrepreneurs. Our focus is on companies that pioneer new approaches, display immense potential in their respective markets, offer disruptive and innovative ideas, target high growth markets, and are led by capable and trustworthy management.

We support these start-ups by providing more than capital; we offer mutual passion and drive for their success. Through partnerships and collaboration, we help start-ups develop sound business models, we serve as active partners, mentors and brand ambassadors, and we foster an entrepreneurial community.

In detail…

Having a diversified range of companies is central to our portfolio strategy. Which is why we invest on “speed-ups“ as well as start-ups. For these growth-stage businesses, capital is the key to more product, more customers, and bigger successes.

At Verte, we aim to increase and expedite the growth stage of maturing businesses to create long-term, billion-dollar companies.

“Speed-ups” are well established in their current market and ready to execute clear plans to expand their business. In this arena, we are more focused on the company’s proven track record, the size of market and competition, and their barriers to expansion.

Speed-up Capital

We invest in “speed-ups” — helping companies take ideas from niche to mass and scale to capitalize on huge market opportunities.


Verte OZ’s portfolio is actively invested and and we have other qualified opportunity zone businesses in the pipeline.

In detail…

Verte OZ’s Portfolio will be dynamic and ultimately be comprised of a large number of companies. Many companies will exit and be replaced within the portfolio. As a result, Verte OZ’s Management Team will continuously and extensively assess deal flow to reinvest over time.

A Business Development Opportunity Fund

We invest in innovative, emerging companies impacting Opportunity Zones