Verte Opportunity Fund

Innovative Companies and Impact Investing

The Opportunity Zone program is a federal tax incentive established to bring billions of dollars to “under-developed” and “distressed” areas, creating economic opportunity where otherwise, it’s lacking. By offering attractive tax benefits to investors, this program is considered a win-win-win; good for the economy, good for the communities, and good for the investors.

Performing in line with the intent of the legislation, Verte Opportunity Fund is focused on both venture partnerships and local economic impact. With this two-tiered strategy at the forefront, we invest in companies that not only offer promising returns, but also tangible economic influence in the communities in which they operate.

Verte Opportunity is our second venture capital fund and follows our first fund, Verte Capital (closed).

Long-term Economic Development

Verte brings all three pillars necessary for the long-term economic growth of OZ communities:

  • Committed, patient capital;
  • The workforce of the future; and
  • Technology innovation.

Verte also supports its portfolio companies in capital raising, strategic advice, and business development. To date, Verte has made five investments in start-up companies in six Opportunity Zones across the country. All our companies are committed to measured, significant social impact in their communities.

A Brief History

  • 2005


    PI Analytics

    PI Analytics was founded to provide investment management consulting to institutional portfolios

  • 2015

    Verte Capital

    Launched first venture capital fund, Verte Capital



  • 2016


    RIA Status

    PI Analytics became a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) (See Our Filings)

  • 2016

    Adviser Services

    Launched active investment management for private loans



  • 2017


    Robo-Advisor Service

    Launched Hybrid Robo-Advisor service for asset management of small individual accounts

  • 2018

    Active Trading Platform

    Launched active trading accounts, swing trading and option investment strategies for high net worth individuals



  • 2019


    Verte OZ Fund

    Launched second venture capital fund, Verte Opportunity.

A Business Development Opportunity Fund

We focus on rapid-growth, impactful investment opportunities