Verte Opportunity Fund Invests in Native American Ventures

COLLEGE PARK, MD., October 24, 2019:

The Verte Opportunity Fund is excited to announce the completion of its investment, deploying funds to Native American Ventures.

NAVF works to develop, diversify, support, and expand the economic infrastructure of tribal nations. Through tools such as education, job training, leadership and mentorship, opportunity scouting, legislative advocacy, and financing, NAVF is helping pave the way for successful and sustainable tribal economies.

In addition, NAVF serves as the management organization to multiple tribal projects, helping promote each indigenous venture while supporting the economic ecosystem within tribal communities. Two NAVF portfolio projects that are currently underway include NAVF Logistics and NAVF Carbon.

NAVF Logistics is establishing a network of free trade zones (FTZs) operated by federally recognized Native American Tribes. Through these FTZs, goods will be imported, creating thousands of jobs and revenue, benefiting tribal nations and businesses alike.

NAVF Carbon is working to reverse carbon emissions by generating significant carbon offsets through the management of tribal forests. The carbon credits are sold to companies to offset their carbon footprint in compliance with California carbon emissions regulations. By implementing carbon sequestration projects on Native American lands, NAVF aims to deliver carbon credits that will yield profit while aligning with Native American cultural and environmental values.

“We are excited to be partners with Native American Ventures. Our mission is to continue to create high investor returns through socially meaningful investments like NAVF. Ultimately our Opportunity Zone Fund is creating immense investor and community value,” says Dr. Leonard Mills, Economist and the Verte Funds’ Managing Principal.

The new investment by Verte Opportunity Fund will enable Native American Ventures to further its position as a leading partner in establishing, empowering, and growing the economic environment of tribal communities nationwide.

Verte Opportunity Fund, the second fund managed by Dr. Leonard Mills, is a Qualified Opportunity Fund investing in high-growth, small-businesses impacting Opportunity Zones. The Verte OZ Fund aims to have a positive economic impact on communities, grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and provide attractive returns for investors. Ultimately, the Verte OZ portfolio will be diverse and comprised of many companies nationwide.

Unlike most Opportunity Zone Funds, Verte OZ is designed to appeal to a broad array of investors, including those with realized capital gains, tax-advantaged (IRA), and taxable investments. Verte Opportunity Fund is currently open to investors who are interested in taking part in this, and other impactful venture capital opportunities.

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