Portfolio of Companies

Native American Ventures

Native American Ventures is a partnership working to develop, diversify, and support the economic infrastructure of Native American Tribal Nations.

Two current projects are underway: Tribal Logistics which is poised to create over 2K new jobs in 5 years and Tribal Carbon, aiming to capturing over 60M tons of CO2).

Additional Tribal projects are also in the works.

Learn more here: Native American Venture Fund

Galen Robotics

Galen Robotics is a former Silicon Valley surgical robotics firm using technology developed at Johns Hopkins University.

The company recently moved back to a Baltimore Opportunity Zone this year and is adding 80 employees.

Verte OZ will be eligible for a 65% – 75% rebate on its initial investment from the state of Maryland.

Read more about this investment here: Verte OZ Invests in Galen Robotics

Visit Galen Robotics here: Galen Robotics

Smith OZ

Smith OZ is a collection of Opportunity Zone locations (“hubs”) that assemble, service and lease electric trucks and buses for municipal and commercial fleet operations.

Fortress Media Storage

Fortress Media Storage is a 3-Dimensional, next generation data storage device company that is disrupting the industry through crystal and holographic technology.

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