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Verte Opportunity Fund Inc.

The Investor Summary is provided below.  The remaining documents are available by request or through our fund administrator, NES Financial Services. Please contact us for  log-in credentials to Verte’s NES Financial Services document portal.


Investor SummaryVerte OZ Summary
Offering Circular
Private Placement Memo (PPM)Private Placement Memo
Blue Sky MemoBlue Sky
Subscription Agreement Subscription Agreement


Proforma Financial StatementsProforma Expense Statement

Proforma Income Statement

Fund Financial ModelFund Financial Model
Use of ProceedsUse of Proceeds
1st Year Ramp Up Ramp Up
Current Financial StatementsFinancial Statements
Post Closing Balance Sheet
Trailing Twelve Month Income
Prior Year Financial Statement
Two Year Prior Financial Statement
Three Year Prior Financial Statement


Summary of Shareholder Compensation
General Ledger
Detail of Due to/from Related Parties
Summary of Other Significant Commitments
Investment Manager Agreement Management Agreement
Summary of Significant Accounting Policies
& Procedures
Summary of Components of General &
Administrative Expenses
Summary of Planned Capital Expenditures
Organizational DocumentsOrganizational Documents
Organizational ChartsEntity Diagram